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Duane Morris Class Action Review – 2024

The 2024 Review analyzes rulings from all state and federal courts in 23 areas of law. It is designed as a reader-friendly research tool that is easily accessible in hard copy and e-Book formats. Class action rulings from throughout the year are analyzed and organized into 23 chapters and 6 appendices for ease of analysis and reference.

The stakes at issue in class action litigation are often significant. A company’s market share and corporate reputation are typically implicated by a class action, as are the careers of senior management. For obvious reasons, these exposures and risks put immense pressure on corporate decision-makers.

The purpose of the Duane Morris Class Action Review is multi-faceted. We hope it will demystify some of the complexities of class action litigation, and keep corporate counsel updated on the ever-evolving nuances of Rule 23 issues. In this respect, we hope this book will provide our clients with an analysis of trends and significant rulings that enable them to make informed decisions in dealing with complex litigation risks.

Authored by Duane Morris class action attorneys
Circuit-by-circuit and state-by-state review of significant class action rulings
Analysis of the most significant settlements in class actions and collective actions

The Authors

About Gerald L. Maatman, Jr.

Throughout nearly four decades practicing law, Jerry has defended some of the most significant bet-the-company cases ever filed against corporate America. He has represented companies, executive teams, and boards across the country in class action litigation, ranging in size from hundreds to tens of thousands of claims by employees. As such, he has seen virtually every litigation challenge conceivable. He approaches each case by owning the problem and viewing it from the client's perspective. By understanding and prioritizing his clients' objectives and goals, Jerry is able to solve exceptionally complex legal issues in an efficient and capable manner. His are the hands clients want on the steering wheel of the defense of their significant litigation.

About Jennifer A. Riley

Jennifer A. Riley, vice chair of Duane Morris’ Workplace Class Action group, has defended companies faced with significant complex litigation matters for more than two decades. Ms. Riley regularly defends companies facing class actions, collective actions, pattern or practice lawsuits, and other types of representative proceedings, ranging in size from dozens to tens of thousands of claims. Working on the forefront of the developing law in an ever-changing arena, Ms. Riley regularly develops strategies for navigating some of the largest challenges faced by corporate America today and counsels employers confronted with a range of complex employment law theories that span from claims of discrimination or sexual harassment to myriad types of alleged wage & hour violations.

About the Practice

Defending class actions demands a specialized skill set cultivated through experience. Duane Morris attorneys have represented defendants in thousands of high-stakes state, national, and multi-district class actions, as well as in complex mass tort litigation throughout the country. At Duane Morris, we combine deep class action experience with a thorough understanding of the technical subject matter, resulting in a robust class action defense.